Most companies have huge amounts of data, but often aren't sure what to do with it.  Using advanced statistical techniques, supported by powerful software, meaningful insights can be drawn from this unstructured mine of information.  With natural language processing, even the messy text logs from customer interactions can be analysed to identify opportunities.

Prevent Defects

Understanding the conditions that lead to failure can help you prevent defects from occurring.  With the right data & statistical techniques, you can recognise when a failure is about to occur and make an intervention, before it even impacts your customer.

Investigate Root Causes

Looking at what happened in the past can explain why failures occurred.  Sometimes this is straightforward, but other times it requires seeing the connection between 3 or 4 things, interacting in just the right way to lead to failure.


Understand Customers

Your pre-defined customer classifications may not match their actual behaviour. Analysing what they purchased, or what they said or complained about, allows you to target customers with products, services & messages that connect with them.

Improve Tolerances

Defects can occur even when each process parameter is still within specification. Recognising these conditions allows you to make changes to the process, tightening tolerances in some places and relaxing them in others. 


Answer *That* Question

What if you could answer the one question you've always needed the answer to? Maybe you never thought it could be answered. Most questions can be answered, if we can figure out the right way to ask them, collect the data, and crunch the numbers.

Predict the Future

Models are not reality.  Past performance does not guarantee future result.  But with more complete forecasting models, it's possible to make better predictions about what will happen so you can respond quickly and effectively.