Lean Six Sigma Coaching

Training is the start of the journey, not the end. Effective coaching is critical to ensuring the project is successful and the Green Belt or Black Belt Learns how to use the Lean Six Sigma tools properly. 

Project Coaching

Working closely with the project leaders, we guide them through using the Lean Six Sigma concepts and tools, helping them to use them to maximum benefit. A project leader without an effective coach is likely to struggle applying the tools for the first time, and probably will not get the most value out of the project, if it ever is completed. Project Coaching may be delivered onsite or remotely to suit your needs.

Sponsor Coaching

Project sponsors also benefit from guidance on how to be effective champions for their projects. understanding Lean Six Sigma terminology, project identification & selection, project charters, supporting infrastructure, project reviews, communications and rewards.


Deployment Coaching

There's a lot to think about when you're trying to deploy Lean Six Sigma in your organisation. Our experts will help you develop a plan, determine the best way to influence senior leaders, design the training and coaching model, choose projects, plan communications, and many other vital activities. Without a vision and a plan for how to get there, you won't achieve the results you, and your leaders, expect. 

Executive Coaching

Keeping the deployment, projects, and people aligned to the vision and strategy takes constant attention and focus. Our coaches will help your senior leaders