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Warwick Analytics and GELRAD partner to propel big data analytics into Lean Six Sigma

Predictive analytics provider Warwick Analytics has partnered with GELRAD, a leading provider of business improvement and Lean Six Sigma consulting services. The partnership will add enhanced analytical capability to the typical data-intensive processes in Lean Six Sigma projects.

The integrated approach will rapidly resolve problems in manufacturing, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, as well as many other sectors.

Dan Somers, CEO of Warwick Analytics explains: “Lean Six Sigma type problems are typically resolved by applying an analytical framework and harnessing domain knowledge to generate appropriate datasets, which are used in statistical packages like Minitab to figure out root causes by confirming hypotheses.

“This is a tried and tested approach and has resolved many issues since it was invented within Motorola several decades ago. However the landscape is changing and there are challenges going forward with the increase in big data and the complexity of new products and processes. It is more difficult to quickly identify, cleanse and transform datasets to test hypotheses, and it can introduce biases. For these new challenges, new technology is needed to support rapid problem solving.”

Dave Hauff, Director of GELRAD Europe, says: “The technology from Warwick Analytics doesn’t need pre-determined hypotheses or the cleansing of data. It can work with any sized dataset and will rapidly pinpoint the root causes and possible solutions, which can be deployed within a Lean Six Sigma framework.

“We are really excited to be bringing such advanced technology to our customers.  The Warwick Analytics tools complement a traditional Lean Six Sigma approach.  They also enable us to answer questions we couldn’t answer before. We would previously have had to significantly reduce large datasets to make them able to be analysed.  Together, we will be better at identifying issues, performing analyses, and solving business problems.”

The software from Warwick Analytics has been successfully deployed at Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Novartis, Pfizer, Jaguar/Land Rover, and Motorola, the home of Six Sigma.